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Get to know your neighbours

For most of us, the extent to which we know our neighbours is a quick smile and a wave. OurHood gives you the opportunity to put names to those faces, and maybe even start some great new friendships!

Security Alerts

Create a safer environment

You can report, and be notified of, crime in your neighbourhood as it happens. Closer communities are safer communities, after all.

Local Deals

Have local services at your fingertips

You’ll have all those important numbers right at your fingertips, including the police, ambulance, municipality and more.

How to join the conversation

1. Go to or download the OurHood app

2. Sign up, find your hood and verify your address

3. Start talking!

Dax Villanueva

Dax Villanueva

"I feel that to our detriment, modern urban society has lost its sense of community. There is so much advantage in being part of a community and yet most people barely know their immediate neighbours. OurHood seems to be a great tool for bringing back a sense of community in a neighbourhood. It’s great for sharing information, for security notices and much more. I’m sure as it becomes more popular there will be new uses found for it."
Emma Donovan

Emma Donovan

"Our Hood is an amazing way to stay in touch with what’s happening in your neighbourhood - the app is incredibly user-friendly and has a great team behind it!"
Ashleigh Butterworth

Ashleigh Butterworth

"OurHood supplies a platform that is both user-friendly and informative, allowing neighbours that would otherwise not know each other to stay connected. Whether you are having a garage sale or reporting a crime in your area, it's the ideal way to let your community stay in the loop. If you are ever in troublesome situation consult their 'important numbers' tab and find relevant contact details for the GP/OKCID or City."
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